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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Purchasing a Used Cartoner

With budget's still tight, purchasers must often decide between purchasing a new cartoner or a used cartoner. Purchasing a used cartoner often saves both time and money. Success with the purchase of a used cartoner however, will often depend on the experience, knowledge and honesty of the seller involved.

PMP as an example only provides cartoners and maintains an excellent track record of providing used cartoning solutions to our customers. Make sure your supplier can provide after sale support such as spare parts, on site service if required, and can answer your cartoning questions.

We have also had the unfortunate experience of "rebuilding the rebuild" provided by other suppliers that our customers turned over to us to get it right.

Please choose a cartoning supplier wisely when purchasing a used cartoner and the result will be a trouble free experience both during and most importantly after the sale. 


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Tuesday, July 5, 2011




With all the negative news that abounds in today's newsprint, television and internet sources, companies tend to pullback and contract rather than advance and dominant their competition.

While it's definitely true that most company budgets are tight and less capital may be allocated, companies that want to dominate in their field are still spending albeit much more selectively.

 Companies that want to dominate their competition are advancing and improving their capabilities while their competitors are hunkering down and contracting.

 Companies that find creative ways to improve their efficiency and output during these challenging economic times will have a real edge on their completion when the economy improves.

Using a cartoning machine as an example, start thinking of ways to squeeze out better performance and improve quality (minimizing machine stops and damaged product are two examples)

Consider carton set up and feeding improvements.

Checking wear items and inspecting components for proper lubrication can sometimes be essential for peak performance.

Maybe carton gluing could be improved by upgrading carton gluing controls for improved bead placement and allowing automatic compensation of the glue bead placement when changing speeds or when performing machine changeovers.

 Remember, in tight economic times smart companies do not stop investing money in improvements but are much more careful about what solutions they invest in.

 Investing in improving your production equipment will not only give you immediate payback results now but will position you with a distinct advantage over your competition in the future.

 When choosing a machinery supplier that will perform the work, consider their experience in application and machine design.  Often, less experienced suppliers offer what sounds like the right solution for low cost that usually ends up with a frustrating result with additional costs to make it right in the end.

 Packaging Machinery Products (PMP) provides a variety of custom cartoning solutions for its customers.

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