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Friday, May 4, 2012


When purchasing cartoning machinery for your plant, the typical sales talking points may not provide the best advice for a significant amount of cartoning applications.  For outstanding performance and reliability for cartoning machinery, often times less is more.

A vertical cartoner as an example producing 100 cartons per minute provides no more or less production if the cartoner is equipped with a more expensive servo motor or a simple Baldor motor.  The design (good or bad) and quality of components and workmanship play a much more significant role.

I once read the following advice from a purchaser of cartoning machinery:

1.  Avoid Proprietary Controls- The machine should be completely transparent without any black boxes. There is nothing worse than a black box on packaging machinery.

2.  Make the machine as simple as possible- Could your most recent hire operate the machine or does the operator need an electrical engineering degree to toggle through a complicated yet unnecessary array of screens.?

3. By keeping the cartoner simple you reduce the number and cost of spare parts.  Machinery with less parts and readily available purchased parts significantly reduce the cost to operate as opposed to overly complicated cartoners with proprietary replacement parts that provide one heck of a spare parts business for the machinery supplier.  Good for them, not so good for you.
3. The Cartoner Must Be Reliable and Durable- You should be measuring reliability in decades not measured in months or years.  Make sure the cartoner is robust to perform day in and day out for years. 

Packaging Machinery Products has decades of cartoning machinery experience and can assist you with your new or used cartoner purchase.
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